The Crew

The crew

Arnold and Pilou

Arnold and Pilou have been sailing for years as a successful team, on the “Zuiderzee”. Sailing with guests is their work and their hobby! With great dedication they take care for their guests and their historical ship. Showing them all the beautiful and unique spots of Holland’s history on water and the rare beauty of its nature.

Arnold is the captain and sails as much as possible to the wishes of his guests.
Pilou cooks with love and prefers cooking with fresh herbs, fragrant seasonal fruits, and many more delights. Pilou also likes to set the sails with enthusiastic guests. Both Arnold and Pilou have the needed skipper qualifications. Arnold has his diplomas for Steersman Small (Zeilvaart) (Enkhuizen Nautical) and achieved his Grand Sailing License in 2007. Pilou accomplished Little and Big Zeilvaart and has a talent for photography.
Both Arnold and Pilou have the needed skipper qualifications. They both have the diplomas for Steersman Small (Zeilvaart) (Enkhuizen Nautical) and a Grand Sailing Licence.
Besides Dutch, they both speak fluently German and Pilou also speaks fluently English and French.

Roman en Lila

The assistance crew Roman and Lila

Roman (1996) and Lila (1999), Arnold's kids, regularly join us and like to roll up their sleeves to pamper the guests and set the sails. Roman is a very good shipmate, who we can easily trust with the steering wheel for an hour or two. Lila is a real hostess in training. She likes to prepare traditional Dutch snacks and walks the deck with a tray without dropping it! While Roman ... the ship with ease, and the fenders in the right place, his sister helps him by guiding the guests, furling the sails!


Feia Mare

In 2010 geboren, onze dochter Feia Mare. Het derde schipperskind van de Zuiderzee. Feia is regelmatig aan boord te bezichtigen.... Als baby schommelend in haar hangmatje of bungelend in de draagzak. Inmiddels babbelend tegen papa of de marifoon vanuit de roef of stapsgewijs met zwemvest aan dek...